Robine Clignett

Klaus Baumgärtner
photo: Ferry André de la Porte, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Robine with clown Dimitri, 1983

In Siena

Klaus and Robine in Antwerpen

With Peter Blum

With Tonnus Oosterhoff  and Marianne de Ree in Antwerpen

With Tonnus and Marianne in Roche, France

Robine, Maurits van de Laar and Dieter Mammel in the Gallery of Maurits van de Laar in The Hague, 1996

With Erno Vroonen

Geer Steyn, Robine and Philip Peters during an interview on the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, 2009

Klaus and Robine talking with Jan Hoet during the opening reception of “40 years Gallery S. & H. De Buck” in Gent, 2012

Dana en Klaus